Weekend Photo-ception with a CameraMator

A little weekend photo-ception! I’m taking a photo of the Canon EOS M and its 90EX flash using a Nikon D90. Connected to the D90 is a CameraMator wireless unit. And I’m controlling the camera from my iPad using the CameraMator app (the screenshot below). What you don’t see is that I’m sitting at my desk about 10 feet away, controlling the camera’s settings—not hunched over the camera (which needs to stay locked down for this product shot, so I don’t want to be touching it much anyway).

I do need to adjust the external flash settings from the camera on the D90 itself; I don’t have access to all of the D90’s menus, although that would be super cool.

I’m on deadline to finish my EOS M book soon, so I’ll have more time to play with and write about the CameraMator later.

Cameramator photoception

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