My OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide Now Available!

OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide cover

This doesn’t directly relate to the iPad and photography, but I’m excited to announce that my latest book, OS X Mountain Lion Pocket Guide, is now available. It covers all of Apple’s new operating system, is packed as full of tips as I could make it, and all in just 264 pages. Best of all, the print is and Kindle editions are just $10, and the iBookstore ebook is just $4.99! (Update: The Kindle edition is now just $4.99!)

Even if you already know everything about OS X, I’m sure you have a friend or relative that can benefit from the information. (I wrote about Mountain Lion in my latest Seattle Times column, which was published a few days before the update became available: Pros and cons of pouncing on Apple’s Mountain Lion update.)

Here are links to buy the book:

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