“…the most exciting new book I’ve read this year”

Photographer Ron Martinsen (who I mentioned the other day about working with the Eye-Fi wireless memory card) has written a glowing review of The iPad for Photographers, where he not only expresses his opinion of the book as a whole, but also breaks down his thoughts on a chapter-by-chapter basis, too: Review: The iPad for Photographers — Read This Book!

Martinsen, who received a review copy of the book and anticipated that it would end up as leveling tool for a bookcase, writes: “This is the most exciting new book I’ve read this year. I’ve been a huge fan of my new iPad and Flipboard (aka iOS Crack), but this book really transformed it from a time wasting toy to a business assistance tool. I give this book my highest recommendation and that comes from someone who thought this book would be a waste of money!”

Go read the whole thing.

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