Andy Ihnatko’s Detailed iPhoto for iOS Review

Andy Ihnatko put iPhoto for iOS through its paces on a recent international trip where his MacBook stayed behind at home. Results make up for awkwardness of iPhoto for iPad

My iPad was my sole computer during a trip to Ireland last month. I truly didn’t miss my laptop at all. iPhoto handled all of my photo-related demands during six days of highly aerobic tourism and conference-going. I culled the one or two dozen good photos out of the one or two hundred photos I shot during each day’s adventures; I edited and enhanced the keepers; I shared a few of the good ones on Twitter and Flickr; and I kept everything organized. By the time I got back home, I already had a nicely edited album of photos to show off to a group of friends who had already been assured via email that they wouldn’t get any of the single pot still whiskey I brought home until the slideshow was over.

Compare and contrast this with my photos from my trip to China. I had my MacBook with me and the full editions of Aperture and Photoshop during that trip. It was nearly three years ago and I still have yet to edit and post most of my shots.

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