Photosmith 2.0 Getting Closer to Release

One thing of which I’m immensely proud about The iPad for Photographers is Chapter 3, which focuses on how to organize the photos you import into the iPad. Most of it centers on Photosmith 2.0, an app that lets you rate and tag images and then flow them into Adobe Lightroom with all of that metadata intact—a time-consuming task that I don’t always want to put off until I’m in front of a computer.

The developers of Photosmith 2.0 were very gracious and let me work with early builds of the software so I could include it in my book. Although Photosmith 1.0 is a good product, the follow-up makes huge strides in photo organization on the iPad, and is the only app I’m aware of that does it.

But there was just one wrinkle: The app isn’t done yet.

We anticipated that it would be out by the time the book was released, but if you’ve done any sort of software development, you know that a release date is an extremely flexible thing. Chris Morse and Chris Horne have been working diligently to knock down the last of the app’s bugs before releasing it, preferring (rightly) to ship when the app is done, not ship when it would be convenient.

So I’m happy to see that it sounds like the beta period is drawing to a close, based on the duo’s most recent blog post: “We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…“. (They also include a plug for the book. Thanks!)

The material in Chapter 3 is still current, and I can’t wait until everyone gets a chance to put into action the steps I describe. When the final version of the app is released, I’ll revisit the chapter and note if anything has changed.

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