Now shipping!

I moseyed over to Amazon yesterday and saw that the print edition of the book is now shipping! Only $16.49 (34% off) with free shipping for Amazon Prime members. It looks like it’s also in stock at Barnes & Noble, too. Let me say again how proud I am of this book, not just because of the content, but because I worked hard to make it a great-looking photo book. I’m a fan of ebooks, but sometimes you need the paper version to flip through while lazing about on the couch.

Retouching section, The iPad for Photographers

If you want the best of both worlds, order a bundle directly from Peachpit that includes the print book, an EPUB version, and a PDF version for $26.99 (that’s just $2 more than the regular print price.) You may not want to cart the book when you’re shooting on location (reducing the size of your photo bag is one of the points of the book), but you’ll have it on your iPad for reference.

Also, I learned that some markets outside the United States are not yet able to buy the ebook version from the iBookstore. (Insert rant here about silly geographic marketing fragmentation, followed by “Ugh!”) Buying the bundle from Peachpit gets around that.

Oh, and The iPad for Photographers would make a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift. I’m just sayin’.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the book! Feel free to leave feedback in the comments, or email me at

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