iMovie for iPhone Is Available

Apple has made iMovie for iPhone available for sale at the App Store. The $4.99 app runs only on the new iPhone 4, and clocks in at what seems to be a relatively svelte 30 MB.

I’m still waiting for my iPhone 4. Despite starting to order one the minute they were available, I could never get to my Apple shopping cart, so I finally opted to reserve an iPhone for in-store pickup. Now, people who managed to place their orders are receiving their units early. Oh well; there’s still something fun about standing in line at an Apple event, surrounded by people who are all there for the same reason. I just hope it doesn’t turn into an 8-hour mess like I had to endure for the iPhone 3G launch.

If you’re also waiting for an iPhone 4, you can start to pore over Apple’s iMovie for iPhone 4: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Some things pop out from my initial scan: the Ken Burns Effect for imported photos can be “disabled” by making the Start and End settings the same; and photos taken within the app are available only for iMovie for iPhone, they’re not saved in the Camera Roll.

I can’t wait to get deeper into iMovie for iPhone this weekend.

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