Love This Photo of Coffee and Tylenol

Marco Arment (developer of Tumblr and Instapaper) has a cold. And a really great photo illustrating how he’s fighting it:


  1. I bought your book, “imovie” 09 & idvd, from amazon a month or so ago in good faith. If you refer to page 209, it states, you should register the book and download a pdf file about using idvd. A few weeks ago, I tried to register the book but did not find a form to do so, in addition, downloading the pdf was not possible. Instead only viewing the pdf was possible. Today I logged on to VIEW the pdf again and it is no longer available. This I now find very disingenuous, cynical & duplicitous. The section written in the book on idvd, is definitely not complete and I purchased your book to get complete instructions on how to use idvd. While your pdf on idvd was quite thorough, to now find it no longer available is of great concern about your sincerity to only ‘sell books’ and not provide service – as you stated on the aforementioned page of the purchased book. Please re-link the page with the pdf so that I will generate interest in your other publications.


  2. Charles,
    You can find the link to the iDVD portion of the book in a couple of places:
    – On the book’s page at the Peachpit Web site, click the Downloads tab next to the description. (
    – From the home page of my iMovie blog, click the link at the top that leads to the iDVD download: (


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