iMovie ’09 Updated to 8.0.1

Apple has released an update to iMovie ’09 via Software Update or as a 24.5 MB download. As is typical with recent Apple updates, there’s no good information about what’s included in the update, other than, “This update improves overall application stability as well as addressing minor issues related to usability.” Usually this means there are bug fixes and other little changes.

However, I did notice that the engineers snuck at least one change in: there’s now a keyboard shortcut for Split Clip (Command-Shift-S).

The big question is whether some of the interlaced “combing” problems that have cropped up for some people have been fixed. (That’s not something I ran into in my testing, but Apple acknowledged to me during a phone conference that there was a problem they were looking into.)

Along with iMovie 8.0.1, Apple also released iLife Support 9.0.2, iPhoto 8.0.2 Update, iWeb 3.0.1 Update, and iWork ’09 9.0.1.

Update: According to one Apple discussion thread tracking the interlacing issue, the problem seems to be fixed.

  1. keyboard shortcut is a good change, trust me 🙂


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