Say Goodbye to iMovie HD 6

Many longtime iMovie users weren’t happy when iMovie ’08 came out, because the new version was completely different from what they’d grown accustomed to. But it wasn’t a big deal, because Apple made iMovie HD 6 available as a free download to anyone who owned iMovie ’08. (If you already had iMovie HD 6 on your hard disk, installing iMovie ’08 did not overwrite it, as previous versions would do.) I’ve had numerous people say, “iMovie HD does what I need, so I’ll just stick with it. Who needs the new one anyway?”

Well, today is the day we all knew was coming. Apple is no longer offering iMovie HD 6 as a free download, now that iMovie ’09 is available.(Dan Moren at Macworld did discover that although the Web page for the software is gone, you can still download the disk image that contains the installer, a 154 MB download.) (The download is no longer available.)

Although iMovie HD still seems to work fine under the latest version of Mac OS X (10.5.6), if a future update breaks something in the old editor Apple won’t be fixing it.

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