Contracts can be fun, too

I have two contracts on my desk right now: one for a book project and the other to install hardwood floors on the main level in our house.* The first has a lot of standard publishing legalese, and although I’ve signed many similar contracts in the past, I force myself to read through it all to be thorough.

The second also has legalese, but it’s also a fun read! (Though it needs a good edit pass in places.) A couple of things that jumped out at me:

We make every effort to minimize that fine bit of dusting, but we cannot guarantee completely 100% dust free. Expect dust, we clean up as much as we can, but there still can be some settling of dust. It’s construction not brain surgery. Expect Dust.

Pets & People – After final sanding, and before coating the floor. It’s necessary that all people and pets do not walk on the floor. You might think you can dash across and not see that you left any marks, or perhaps Fido got away from you and made a dash across the room. What you don’t see at that time, will surly [sic] show through in your final finish. You will have footprints. [Company name] is in no way responsible for keeping people (other contractors you might have) kids, pets, mother in laws, or aliens off your floor. If you need access at that time, please call us.

* We currently have some beautiful old fir that we discovered after pulling the carpet, but it’s only in the main living area. The adjoining dining area, which we think was a bedroom at some point in the house’s history, has ugly vinyl tile adhered to the wood. So we’ve finally decided to replace the whole thing. A local company, Re-Store is going to pull the fir for free so that it can be resold reused, and we get a tax credit for it.

  1. Hope you are going to take a ton of pixs before/after of the hardwood floor:-)


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