8 GB iPhone Now $400. Damn.

Yes, I finally broke down and bought an iPhone – on August 8, which inconveniently for me is outside Apple’s 14-day price protection guarantee. That means I paid $600 a month ago for what costs $400 now.

But I’m not really upset, honest. Every single time I get a phone call, I feel a zing of excitement because Apple did the experience right. And, as John Gruber wrote:

(And for those of you who’ve already bought one and are pissed about the price cut, if you didn’t think the iPhone was worth $599, you shouldn’t have bought it. That’s how supply and demand works.)

My other favorite quote of the day is from poster “bdkennedy1” on Macworld’s forums:

I swear, Steve could stick a touch-screen on a toilet brush for $900 and someone would buy it and whine.

Toilet touch! It’s so crazy, it just might work.

  1. Control of information is hugely powerful. In the US, the threat is that companies control what I can access for commercial reasons. (In China, control is by the government for political reasons.) There is a very strong short-term incentive for a company to grab control of TV distribution over the Internet even though it is against the long-term interests of the industry.


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