Still Photo versus Video

One of the blogs I frequent is that of still-photographer Doug Plummer (who has also been uploading a photo of the day for more than a year). Doug is currently attending the Microsoft Pro Photo Summit, and reports on a panel called “Still vs. Video” that predicts a big shift in how image content is acquired:

In five years, photographers who shoot only with a still camera may be as rare as one who only uses film today.


The future transition could be brutal. This from Colin [Fletcher, a journalist at Fox]: “What is going to happen is that Robert Murdoch is going to buy the LA Times. He is going to replace the still photographers with video guys. That will happen.”

If you’re already adept at shooting video, the future looks promising. Another part of this shift is the inevitable introduction of cameras that can handle video and still photography equally well (something that’s been difficult to achieve so far).

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