Seattle Times Column and Safari 3.0.2

My Seattle Times Practical Mac column today talks about Safari 3, which is a beta for Mac but also for Windows: “Trekking through Apple’s new Safari“. In addition to talking about improvements over Safari 2, I noted Apple’s initial hiccup with Windows security:

Safari also offers better security, especially compared with Internet Explorer, which is often used as a gateway to deploy malicious software. However, Safari stuttered at the starting line in this respect as several security flaws were discovered shortly after the software was made available. Apple quickly released Safari 3.0.1 for Windows to plug those vulnerabilities. Although Safari 3 is beta software, Apple will need to work hard to ensure that it’s not permanently tagged as being insecure.

Sure enough, today I see that Apple has released Safari 3.0.2 for both Mac and Windows. Nice timing, Apple! My column gets turned in earlier in the week, so of course there’s no way this could have made it into the article. But still.

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