Modest Mouse Video Contest

Apple is teaming with the Modest Mouse on a new contest to edit a video for the band’s single “Missed the Boat.” You can download greenscreen footage and edit away; that’s easier done in Final Cut Express or Pro, but iMovie could handle the job too. However, something is missing.

There’s nothing mentioned about what the winner gets. Some degree of notoriety, I’m sure, but that’s it? By submitting a video, you sign away all rights, so don’t expect any money for your hard work.

Update: You have to dig into the terms and conditions to learn that there are prizes:


There will be one (1) Grand Prize consisting of:

(i) One (1) Sony HD Video Camera HDR-HC5 ($1000)

(ii) One (1) iMac Core Duo 17″, 2.0GHz ($1199)

Five (5) Runner Ups will receive:

One (1) iPod 30GB (approx value of $249).

At the sole discretion of SBME, the Winner’s video may be used as the official music video for Modest Mouse’ song “Missed The Boat” to be broadcast on television, online and otherwise as determined by SBME in its sole discretion. No compensation will be provided to Winner in the event the Master is selected for broadcast. NOTE: BY WINNING THIS CONTEST THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT YOUR VIDEO WILL BE USED BY SMBE OR OTHERWISE.

Now, I can’t be too judgmental, since I work with free content all the time. As managing editor of TidBITS, I can only offer fame to the people who write for us (well, fame, complete flexibility with deadlines, and a really good edit). However, most of our content is generated in-house, and many of our contributors have long-time relationships with TidBITS. Writers trade their time and expertise for the fact that we’ve been offering a free weekly Mac newsletter for 17 years.

But at the same time, TidBITS most certainly does not have the resources of Apple or Epic Records.

The upside to this contest is that there’s plenty of freely-available, professionally-shot music video footage for you to download and play with. Even if you have no interest in entering the contest, this is a good opportunity to hone your skills on high-quality footage. Perhaps then you’ll have the goods to help land a gig where your time is more valued.

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