Still Life with Cheerios

  Still Life with Cheerios 
  Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson.

Because my dad said, "You should put this on your blog!" at dinner the other night.

Photo by Jeff Carlson.
Art direction by Larry Carlson.
Cheerios courtesy of (and abandoned in favor of something more interesitng by) my niece Emma.

  1. It’s amazing what a search on google will turn up. Typed in my name, clicked the first link at the top of the page, and i’m here! I’m glad to see there are other Jeff Carlsons floating around the internet.. I noticed you were born and raised in Twin Falls, I live in Pocatello! Just kind of strange, but cool. I’m 20, going to ISU, shooting for a B.A. in Mass Comm which I can hopefully use towards something in the Video Editing fields. I couldn’t find an email so I figured i’d drop a comment here. I like the site! It’s good your a fan of coffee, I used to work in a coffee shop downtown and had a lot of fun, but quit to go to school full-time.
    I noticed your father is Larry Carlson, he wouldn’t by chance happen to be the creator of this site, would he?
    Well its been fun, but i’m real tired. Send me an email sometime, see how things are going.


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