Seattlest Photo of the Day

  Reflected Sunset 
  Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson.

Local-area blog Seattlest chose my photo "Reflected Sunset" as its photo of the day for March 16. I don’t know the name of the building, but it’s across from the bus-stop intersection at Second Ave and Jackson downtown, just behind the Seattle Lighting Company.

If you’ve been watching my Flickr page lately (or the thumbnails that appear in the left column of this page), you probably noticed that I’ve fallen hard for the photography bug. It started last year when a friend convinced me to enter this photo into the 2006 Environmental Photo Invitational, where it was chosen as one of the featured winners.

Last month, at the urging of another friend, I decided to step up from my Canon PowerShot S2 IS into the land of digital SLRs. After lots of research, I splurged a bit and bought a Nikon D80 (with an included 18-135mm kit lens).

So far I’m really enjoying it, although the jump to DSLR requires lots of learning on my part, especially since I never got into 35mm photography in the past. But it’s exciting to be learning new things, and I’m having fun looking for photo opportunities.

When the idea of getting a new camera first came up, my wife pointed out that it would be good to find a way to earn money from my photos to help pay for it. Although that hasn’t panned out yet (hey, I’m just starting), having some exposure is a good start, right?

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