Canon TX-1 Hybrid HD Camcorder

Canon Tx1 Open

When Canon announced its $500 PowerShot TX-1 recently, I was skeptical. It’s a tiny camera, about the size of my old S200 still camera, that can take 7.1 megapixel still images and also capture 720p HD footage. We’ve seen similar attempts (like the Sanyo Xacti) that haven’t been impressive in real life.

Well, Gizmodo is at this week’s PMA (Photo Marketing Association) 2007 show, and so far they’re gushing about the little multicam. Click here for photos – it’s really really tiny. We’ll have to see what the image quality is like, because the sensor in there is no doubt teeny.

  1. I imported sample HD clips from Canon TX1 and they looked over saturated and red as compared to when played directly in Quicktime. Any idea why this would happen?


  2. You’re seeing a difference in iMovie versus QuickTime Player? That’s odd.


  3. Yes… and no. I’ve actually done a little more work on this. I’ve found 3 sample .AVI clips on the web from the TX1. Two of them show the problem I described and one doesn’t. The two that do are indoor shots, the one that doesn’t is an outdoor shot. One of the indoor samples is here from Gizmodo:
    The 2nd sample is from a guy on DP Review who lives in Singapore where they are now available:
    Curious to know what you think is going on…


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