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Macworld has published my review of Cinematize 2 Pro, a utility for extracting video and audio content from a DVD. The non-pro version also extracts content, but without as many options, such as subtitle extraction (in a variety of formats). Click here to read the full review.

When you burn a DVD from an application like iDVD, you may think you’ve made a copy of your original movie, but th• at’s not necessarily the case. Besides degrading image quality (due to the compression required to fit the video on a disc), the DVD format proves to be a lockbox: you can’t just open the media files in a video editor.

If you want to work with the footage again—for example, maybe you’ve lost the original tapes but need access to the footage, or maybe you want to compile sections of several DVDs into one movie project—you need to extract the video and audio and convert them to an editable format.

Some programs, such as HandBrake, can do the job, but they’re geared toward extracting entire titles. (In DVD parlance, a title is a block of media; so, a feature film may occupy one title on disc, while a making-of documentary would occupy another title on the same disc.)

Miraizon’s Cinematize 2 Pro is designed to extract discrete sections from unencrypted DVDs, a capability found in the company’s Cinematize 2 (4.5 mice) program. However, the new pro version gives you many more options for extracting video and audio.

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