New Canon HV20 HDV Camcorder

Canon HV20 Camcorder

Canon has just introduced a new 1080i HDV camcorder, the HV20, which improves upon the highly-praised HV10. The HV20 is a horizontal model, versus the vertical HV10, which some people aren’t keen on. From the press release:

Among the new features within the Canon HV20 HD Camcorder is an Advanced Accessory Shoe capable of accommodating such additional components as select external video lights or directional microphones. The HV20 HD Camcorder also features microphone and headphone input terminals with manual level control for professional quality audio recording and a 24p Cinema Mode – found previously only on professional video equipment – that offers the frame rate of motion pictures and imparts a film-like look to the video. The HV20 HD Camcorder also features an HDMI terminal for quick and easy one-cable transport of the High Definition video signal to a HDTV.

According to Engadget, low-light shooting has improved and it includes an HDMI out port and jacks for headphones and microphones. It will be available in Japan in March for ¥140,000, and in the United States in April for $1,100.

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