Adobe Premiere Coming Back to Mac

After making its video editor Windows-only in 2003, Adobe is giving Premiere an encore on the Mac for the next version, according to an article at “Adobe brings Premiere back to the Mac.” The new version will work only on Intel-based Macs, and it will be part of the upcoming Adobe Production Studio suite that will also include Encore DVD and Soundbooth. Adobe will demo it at Macworld Expo next week.

Although Adobe’s reasons for reviving the Mac version sound like marketing backpedaling (“Pulling Premiere from the Mac was probably the hardest decision we ever made. It was always our intention to bring that back, and Apple’s move to Intel made it easier.”), Premiere will be a contender to watch. Apple’s resurgence, especially with the introduction of Aperture in the digital image space, has certainly lit a fire under Adobe and its development teams: look at the relatively speedy introduction and progress of Photoshop Lightroom and Soundbooth (both public betas). Adobe realized they could apply the same market-dominating strategy of the Creative Suite, namely, a group of interrelated applications functions better and sells better than single applications.

Premiere looks like it’s geared toward the Final Cut Pro crowd, but it makes me wonder if Adobe might have an iMovie competitor cooking on the burners, too. Its biggest rival on Windows is the lackluster MovieMaker, which comes free with Windows XP (I’m not sure if it’s also going to be included with Vista), which alone gives the company incentive to develop one.

  1. Adobe is a quality product and I am suprised they left the lucrative mac market in the first place so no suprises for their return.


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