Espresso Machine from Bomb Shells

Okay, enough about me and my progress on conquering all media. Let’s get back to the important stuff: coffee! Specifically, a man in Ethiopia who converts old weapon shells into espresso machines: “From weapons of war to great coffee“. I love this on so many levels that my head is spinning (or maybe that’s from the doppio I polished off a few minutes ago).

But Mr Azmeraw says it can be difficult to convince people to buy because of the mortar shell.

“These shells have all been used. We all need peace and we don’t want war but once these shells have been used, we should use our skills to do something with them.

“Sometimes I think about the fact they were used for war but I want to change them to do something good. They could be a symbol of war but I am doing something good out of the bad.”

(Spotted at

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