Good Espresso on the Eastside?

When I lived in Redmond (yes, that one), I had to drive across the 520 bridge to Seattle to get good coffee. Granted, I was an espresso newbie who only drank mochas, but at the time the only options were a smattering of Starbucks and the espresso carts in the mall. Although I now live in Seattle, I’ve always gotten the sense that the Eastside (Redmond and Bellevue, mostly) have been content to offer Starbucks-quality coffee.

Seattle’s Victrola, one of my favorite coffeehouses, points to a (new?) place called The Soulfood Bookstore & Cafe. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to offer a location, but it appears to be this place in Redmond.

Other good coffee locations on the Eastside? Email me.

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