Grinder Malfunction

A piece of my Solis Maestro Plus grinder broke today, which means I can only grind very coarse coffee. No espresso at the Carlson household until it gets fixed! Quel horreur!

(I’m mostly writing this to test an RSS thing. But still… no espresso!!)

  1. Ayyyyyyeeeeeeee! No es bueno!
    Hey, here’s a question (as a fellow Solis owner, based on your rec)–what’s the most effective way to clean the bean receptacle (i.e., can you detach it? if you can I can’t figger out how)?


  2. You mean the cone on top? You can turn it to the French Press setting, then turn a little more counter-clockwise and lift up. Then just toss it in the dishwasher or hand-wash.


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