Plastic over Bits

Jose Gonzalez VeneerI’ve fallen hard for the instant-gratification of buying music from the iTunes Music Store. A few days ago I noticed that José González was in the catalog; his song “Heartbeats” is featured in the Sony Bravia commercial that I blogged about in October on my iMovie Visual QuickStart Guide blog. I decided to buy the album Veneer, but kept getting errors saying that the item no longer existed in the catalog–even though it continued to show up, and I could play the song samples. After trying six or seven times, I gave up.

This morning, I walked half a block from my office and bought the disc from Sonic Boom Records, a great local music store. Unfortunately, with tax and all it was about $17, versus the $11 or so if I had managed to buy it from the iTMS. But, since Apple couldn’t provide what I wanted, I took my business elsewhere. Since it’s a store in my neighborhood and isn’t a huge conglomerate, I didn’t feel too bad about the price.

  1. The very mellow Mr. G is also featured on the new Zero 7 single – catch a preview at the Z7 site: And if you’re lucky enough to have access to iTunes UK, you can buy the track.


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