Apple iMovie Plug-In Missing on Intel Macs?

I’m testing a new MacBook Pro and ran into an odd dialog in iMovie after clicking the Media pane: “The plugin ‘Twirl.bundle’ cannot be loaded, because it isn’t designed to run on this computer.”


My first suspicion was that some non-Intel-friendly code was moved over from my PowerBook G4 when I used the Migration Assistant, so I re-installed iMovie HD 6 from the MacBook Pro’s install disc. Launching the program again, I didn’t get the error, but the Twirl transition was no longer available; looking in the iMovie HD application package revealed that Twirl.bundle wasn’t there either. Lastly, I realized that iMovie HD 6.0 is on the install disc, so I ran Software Update and got the 6.0.1 update (a hefty 50+ MB download). And… Twirl is still gone.

I’m guessing that something about that particular plug-in didn’t work on Intel systems and it was ditched at the last minute; or, something is wonkified with this installation following the migration from my PowerBook. I could wipe the entire system and restore everything from scratch, but that’s too much work right now.

Anyone else see this behavior?

Update: I did end up erasing and reinstalling the system, and a fresh iMovie HD 6.0.1 version does not include Twirl. Ultimately, not a big deal, as I don’t think I’ve ever used that transition. But it does remind me that I wanted to mention the cool new button in that dialog above: Stop Loading Plugins. I’m guessing that fixes a problem in the past where if you have incompatible plug-ins, you have to confirm a dialog for each instance. Yay!

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