iMovie HD 6 Review at Macworld

As you can probably tell, I’ve been a busy boy since Macworld Expo. Today, Macworld Magazine posted my review of iMovie HD 6. I also reviewed iDVD 6, which I’m guessing will be published soon.

With iMovie HD 6, Apple cleaned house a bit by sprucing up the application with slickly designed themes and a rearranged interface, and adding welcome features such as audio adjustments and real-time effect previews that give the update some heft.

New features are welcome, of course, but how does iMovie HD 6 perform? As with some previous releases, the answer is not consistent.

On my two Macs, I encountered very few problems: one crash while importing video, and some sluggish playback when several applications were running and my PowerBook hadn’t been restarted for several days. Since restarting, I haven’t encountered any slow playback. On my Power Mac G5, performance has been stellar. However, reports from some Macworld editors and readers indicate that some people are running into slow, choppy playback and other glitches. (One early culprit with iMovie and QuickTime 7.0.4 was Telestream’s Flip4Mac, a free utility that enables Windows Media files to play back under QuickTime Player.)

Unfortunately, iMovie has exhibited this behavior since at least version 4: it runs perfectly fine for some people, and poorly for others, even given similar hardware and software. So from my experience alone, iMovie HD 6 seems solid and consistent with the gains made in iMovie HD 5.

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