iWeb Article in Seattle Times

My latest Practical Mac column for the Seattle Times looks at iWeb: Apple’s Web effort perfect for some. In it, I point to a a site I built in iWeb that includes a short video I edited in iMovie, scored using GarageBand, and uploaded as a podcast via iWeb. It was a pretty slick and easy process; I spent more time creating the music in the background of the video than I did editing or building the Web site.

For whatever reason, I’ve gotten more email about this column than recent Practical Mac articles. One reader asked about the music that I used, which was created entirely in GarageBand and consisted of:

World Drums 01
World Drums 03
Southern Rock Guitar 01
Southern Rock Guitar 02
Shaker 09
Bongo Groove 03

The noise behind it is Jungle, which is one of the Skywalker Sound sound effects found in iMovie (and available to GarageBand).

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