From Extreme to Extreme

Crowded Apple booth
Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson.

Macworld Expo is now over, and I have the stack of business cards, brochures, and a wee bit of swag to show for it. My favorite giveaway was a Google Earth notepad, which has one of those images that change depending on the angle you view it at; in this case, it’s a zoom-in from outer space to someone’s back yard, done in about a dozen images.

This year’s show was crazy for me. With four presentations (and preparing for presentations), lots of meetings, and articles to write, I didn’t even see much of show floor until Friday. And it felt like it was always crowded. As with previous years, I ended up sleeping around 4-5 hours per night. However, my sessions went extremely well, especially the one I was most worried about.

Green Field
Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson.

My reward is that I’m spending this weekend with my mom on her farm near Dixon, which is the total opposite of being at Macworld: instead of being surrounded by thousands of people and lots of noise, I’m here with two people and some wild cats. I slept nearly 11 hours last night.

Now, I launch into a busy winter and spring feeling recharged.

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