Arrived in South Africa

Over Africa
Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson.

In a slightly Orwellian flavor, we were woken up this morning by our television at 5 a.m., informing us that it was time to wake up. We thought the call would come at 6 a.m., but that’s when the bus left. So, we boarded the bus, headed to the airport, and – I know this sounds crazy – boarded a plane.

Ten hours of flying later, we’re now in Pretoria, South Africa! Tomorrow we’re off with the family to a bed and breakfast, followed by a weeklong camp. That means any updates are unlikely to happen for a while.

Off to the bush!

  1. Forgot to note: I’m on the Net using my brother-in-law’s computer and connection, which means I don’t have access to my VacationFolks email list. I could generate it by hand on this PC, but that will take too much time, and I need to get to bed. Unfortunately, although my email provider ( will import addresses, Eudora won’t save just a group as a CSV file as far as I can tell. So, apologies in advance if you came here looking to see what happened to us, because you didn’t receive an email. –Jeff


  2. Luckily, you’re in my RSS – no email needed!!!!


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