Headed WAY Out of Town

Pride of Lion ~ 15
Originally uploaded by Silent Sensei.

I don’t post too often to this blog, but things will likely slow down for the next few weeks while we’re visiting family in South Africa. (This photo is from someone else’s Flickr photoset of Londolozi, one location where we’ll be.)

I also wanted to note two Very Good Things: One, I’m out of my sling and mostly mobile again. The shoulder is healing nicely (if slowly), and I’m doing physical therapy exercises each day to bring back the strength in the muscles that got weak from being in traction.

And two, my sister just got a full-time job, which means she can now leave her part-time job that involved a grueling 1-2 hour ferry commute each day. Yay!

Now, back to working on the seven million things that need to get done before I leave.

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