Raining (and Biking) in Seattle

Rusty Umbrella Man
Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson.

August was hot and sunny, and although I know a lot of people go for that sort of thing, it’s not my preferred state. Call me crazy, but I actually prefer the rain and the gray – especially when I have a lot of work to do. It’s raining a little today, made all the more noticeable now that I’m riding my bike to work most days.

As I touched on earlier, it’s a good commute: about 4 miles each way, though that’s downhill on the way to the office and uphill on the way home. I’m getting in better shape by necessity, and can get home in about 30 minutes now instead of 40.

I’ve even started upgrading my gear with some new jerseys on sale from Nashbar, and clipless pedals and shoes from one of the many local cycle shops. Now that the rain is starting, I need to look into some more durable wet-weather gear.

Man, I love this time of year.

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