Rove, GOP vs. National Security

Kos sums up my attitude about Rove and the mindless GOP response. This isn’t about partisanship: our country is demonstrably less safe thanks to the Bush administration’s outing of a covert CIA agent and subsequent pattern of lies attempting to cover it up for two years.

Given what we know of the case, we know that Rove violated his non-disclose agreement. We know that Rove acted unethically, without regard to the consequences of his actions. Whether a crime has been committed remains to be seen, but shouldn’t matter a whit.

… Right-thinking people — even Republicans — should look at these unfolding events with horror. I would certainly feel betrayed and angry if a Democratic administration thusly endangered national security and undermined our non-proliferation efforts. I wouldn’t make apologies for it. I wouldn’t rationalize it, attempt to distract with irrelevant, tangential points. I would demand accountability.

But to modern-day Republicans and their apologists, they can do no wrong. No Republican’s action is worthy of scorn or censure. … Republicans have now sent notice that they place allegiance to party and power above their allegiance to the United States of America. To them, the elephant flies above the Stars and Stripes.

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