E.R. for Hard Drives (NYTimes)

The New York Times has an article in today’s issue about companies such as DriveSavers, which rescues data from dead or damaged hard drives: E.R. for Hard Drives.

If all computer users backed up their hard drives, the data recovery industry would barely exist. But the routine, like flossing teeth, is practiced regularly by few.

And as hard drive capacity explodes, the consequences of catastrophic failure mushroom. Hard drives now store not just documents but photos, music and movies as well, electronically embedded on a platter spinning at 10,000 revolutions a minute (300 times the speed of an LP record); access is by a read/write head floating a hair’s breadth above, and flying back and forth at 60 miles an hour.

If the head falls onto the platter or picks up a jot of dust, the data can be rendered unreadable.

I’m a huge fan of DriveSavers, ever since they saved my bacon a few years back. I’m also a huge fan of backups (which made me jump at the chance to edit Joe Kissell’s ebook Take Control of Mac OS X Backups.

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  2. I’m also a great back-up fan and I’m using Nero 7 for this purpose. I have never had any problems as I make a back-up every month. I think that the costs of the DVDs which I’m burning is worth paying, bearing in mind the prices for Data Recovery services.


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