Apple Moving to Intel

Today’s big news was that Apple will be moving the Macintosh to Intel processors, a sea change for people who’ve been following the Mac. It’s exciting, interesting stuff, and I’ll be closely watching to see how they migrate digital video editing (a very processor-intensive task) to a new processor family. I’m slightly wary after having watched iMovie get “Cocoa’d”: iMovie 3 was the first all-Cocoa (Mac OS X native) version of the program, and performance stunk. We’re now at iMovie 5.0.2, and performance is much better… but iMovie 2 still operates best in terms of raw performance. So I’m hoping that the shift to Intel won’t be as painful; just because something can be done, doesn’t mean it can be done well, at least on the first attempt.

Still, I’m hopeful. I’ve written more thoughts at the TidBITS ExtraBITS page, and our full coverage of the news appears in today’s issue: Apple to Transition to Intel Processors. Mike Curtis has some good thoughts over at HD for Indies, especially related to high-end video editing. And, of course, Macworld has good overview coverage of the situation.

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