Tiger, Articles, and Sleep

Last week was a mix of all-out working and some rare relaxation, which is why I’m a week late in posting this: Glenn Fleishman and I reviewed Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger for The Seattle Times, which includes a goofy picture of me (and, again, has only Glenn’s name on the byline for the online version, even though we both wrote it): This Tiger purrs more than growls.

Part of that “all-out working” was finishing a review of Adobe GoLive CS2 at CreativePro.com, and putting together our special, extended-length TidBITS issue covering Tiger.

Thursday was a welcome day of rest. I ended up sleeping in until nearly 11 am (to make up for the three hours of sleep I got the night before), had a sushi lunch with a friend from out of town, and did some light work as a way of celebrating the completion of my iMovie HD/iDVD 5 Visual QuickStart Guide, which went to the publisher a day early, thankyouverymuch.

Happy Jeff. Sleep is good.

(Says the man who’s up at midnight working.)

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