Two New Take Control Ebooks

I’ve been editing like a mad thing lately, but now that work is being rewarded. Two more Take Control ebooks are now available, both edited by me. And though neither directly deals with iMovie, they’ll probably interest you enough to check them out.

Take Control of Recording with GarageBand, by Jeff Tolbert ($10) will help you if you’re creating your own music to accompany movie projects. Jeff covers everything from recording MIDI keyboards to buying a preamp to effectively positioning microphones to record singers or instruments.

Take Control of Buying a Digital Camera, by Laurence Chen ($5) is the process-oriented guide you need for buying a digital still camera (everyone I know who owns a digital camcorder also owns and uses a digital still camera). Larry gets past the marketing bullets and explains which features are important and why. Before you drop $300 or more on a new digital camera, spend $5 now: you’ll save some money and get the camera that’s right for you.

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