Another Reason for Using a Mac

I know, I’ve always been a dedicated Mac head and on occasion have lambasted Windows. Usually it’s about ease-of-use issues, since I find Windows to be maddeningly obscure in how it does some things.

However, the last couple of years are revealing that it’s not the ease of use that’s making people consider Macs, it’s the security. Macworld editor Jason Snell wrote about a visit to his in-laws, and trying to help his brother-in-law fix a Dell laptop. The machine, which he got for college, was infested with “200 malicious files,” and gunked up with adware, spyware, and other nasties that really have no place on someone’s personal computer. I especially liked this quote:

    “Mike said he would be typing college papers in Microsoft Word, only to discover that his last sentence had been eaten because an Internet Explorer pop-up ad had magically appeared in front of his Word window.”

The Mac has its own troubles and annoyances, but nothing like this. Using Safari (the Mac OS X Web browser), I haven’t seen a pop-up ad in MONTHS. And even given recent security vulnerabilities discovered and fixed in Mac OS X, they’re still not on the level of onslaught suffered by the swiss-cheese of security, Windows. And did I mention that as of this writing, no email file attachments can turn my computer into a “zombie” machine that helps spammers without my knowledge? Can’t say the same for PCs.

Here’s Jason’s article, which I’m going to bookmark as a great resource for helping to convince people that even if a Mac costs more than a Windows PC at retail, the time and money you put in just to make a PC a workable computer makes the Mac pretty cheap in the long run.

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