Cool Lightning Photo

Marc Laidlaw has a photo from the same lightning storm that I watched, only his is better than my video: he snapped his picture just as a bolt of lightning struck a tree in his yard! Great picture.

  1. Jeff, I’m new at iMovie (version 4.0.01), and I sure do hope you can solve this mystery so I can complete a project. Here’s the situation.
    I’ve imported 4 DV’s, each to its own project, and now that I’ve edited each one I’m ready to import them all into a master project. But as I do, I see that the numbered clips in the media files don’t include many of the clips in the project and visa versa. And, what’s happening is that what’s being imported seems to revert to its unedited form.
    Can you help me figure out what to do so I can combine my 4 projects into one?
    I read your Macworld (Feb, 2004) article, but I’m so new at this that I don’t understand any of it.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can send me.

  2. Hi Janet,
    What I think you’re running into is this: by importing each DV tape into its own project, you have four media files called “Clip 01”, “Clip 02”, etc.
    Here’s my suggestion:
    1. Make sure each segment is as edited as it can be.
    2. Create a new empty iMovie project.
    3. Import the movies from the other projects by dragging their project reference movies into iMovie’s shelf — the project reference movie is the QuickTime file that lives within the project folder. It’s not a ‘self-contained’ QuickTime movie, but rather a pointer to the data in the Media folder. (To do this, you need to make sure your old projects and the new project are all on drives mounted on the Desktop.)
    4. The step above gives you 4 clips in your new iMovie project. Drag them to the Timeline to put them in order.
    5. Save your new project.
    An alternative to step 3 is to first export each project’s movie from iMovie as Full Quality DV-formatted QuickTime movies. It takes up more disk space, but then you have full, self-contained QuickTime files to import back into your new iMovie project.

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