CaffeDerm at ThinkGeek

OMG, I must have this!

ThinkGeek :: CaffeDerm

“So drop that Dew, put down that Jolt catheter, and grab hold of our newly patented CaffeDerm® caffeine patches – they easily apply to your shoulder and provide a steady dose of caffeine throughout the day. These calorie-free fixes are just enough to keep you from ripping your teeth out without generating any brain fuzz so you can actually present yourself as a sentient!”

  1. You of course realize that the first day ThinkGeek advertised CaffeDerm was April 1, 2004, don’t you?


  2. Caffeine Withdrawal

    Get Mean With The Bean And Wean That Caffeine! Trying to escape the grasp of the caffeine demon? Tired of…


  3. Oh yes… notice the date on my post! 🙂


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