More on iMovie-Edited Tarnation

Wired News ran a story about Tarnation, Jonathan Caouette’s iMovie-edited film now playing at Sundance: Here’s the Price of Fame: $218.32. Filmmaker Gus van Sant, who has signed on as an executive producer, is quoted as saying:

    “People assumed that one day film would be as accessible and inexpensive as writing, and now it practically is,” Van Sant said. “For the price of a typewriter, you can make films with sound and burn them on a DVD…. Filmmakers can afford to work now. No more excuses, or filmmakers’ block, or procrastination. Either they start shooting, or they are waiting for the vanity crew, or they aren’t filmmakers.”
  1. is there a link to a trailer????

  2. I haven’t seen a trailer, or even a Web site, for the film yet. I’m guessing one will appear once Sundance ends and the marketing machines get into gear, if the movie gets picked up by a distributor. I haven’t heard any news on that front.

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