Launching the Right iMovie

Since iMovie 3 has its share of problems, I made a point of keeping a copy of iMovie 2 on my computer (see page 59 of the book). However, Mac OS X still associated my iMovie project files with iMovie 2: if I double-clicked a project, it would launch iMovie 3. Fortunately, this is an easy fix to apply.

  1. In the Finder, select an iMovie project file.
  2. Choose Get Info from the File menu, or press Command-I.
  3. In the Get Info dialog box, expand the Open With section.
  4. From the popup menu there, choose iMovie (3.0.3). If that doesn’t appear in the list, choose Other and locate your iMovie 3 application.
  5. Get Info dialog, Open With popup menu

  6. Click the Change All button to apply the change to all iMovie project files. Then, close the Get Info window
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