How to Import Song Fragments (iMovie 3)

A reader sent the following question:

    In iMovie 2, adding audio could be done with only part of a song [from a CD]. If I wanted just a few bars from a particular song, I could push the ‘play’ button and then push ‘record’ for just the part I wanted in my movie and then stop it. In iMovie 3, I have to import the entire audio track for the song. Then I have to select the part I want, split the audio clip and delete the unwanted portion. If I am needing just a very tiny audio clip to go with just one or two short video clips, it is difficult to get just that short audio. It also is difficult because the entire track may obscure other audio clips already on the timeline.

    Do you know any way to import just part of a particular song?

I can think of two solutions:

1. Open the song file in QuickTime Player (you’ll need to buy QuickTime Pro if you don’t have it), and highlight the section that you want to use (hold Shift while dragging the playhead to select a range of audio). Copy and paste into a new QuickTime movie, then export it to MP3 or AIFF. In iMovie, you can import just that snippet.

2. If you want to get the same type of functionality as in iMovie 2, download Ambrosia Software’s free WireTap utility, which will record whatever your Mac is playing. You can use that to play your song snippet in iTunes (or the preview function in iMovie’s Audio pane) and record just that bit. Then, import the file that WireTap creates into iMovie.

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