Watching Tour de France

I’m working on an article with the TV on in the background, watching the riders of the Tour de France climb in the Alps. I’ve never really followed the Tour, but I like to catch some of the televised coverage. Mostly, this is because it’s fun to watch the crowds. You see quite a few tents and RVs, so people have spent at least one night waiting for the peloton to arrive. And when it does, people just go nuts… jumping, yelling, shaking their hands, pumping their fists… it’s a sudden burst of adrenaline. And after a couple of minutes (to account for the various packs that have fallen out of the peloton coming over the mountains), the riders are gone. That’s it. Well, I imagine there’s quite a party that goes on around the actual riders, but still.

My favorite moment, though, was a couple of years ago. Waiting for the peloton to arrive, a man was facing away from the road watching the coverage on a portable television. A second later, the entire peloton whizzes by — behind him! He caught it on TV, but missed the live event. Hilarious, and he didn’t seem to be bothered by it.

  1. .. uuh .. it are the Alp Mountains actually.
    Feel free to follow the TdF by Web at

  2. Whoops! Thanks for the correction. I think a commentator had said something else about the Pyranees, which is why I typed that.

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