Cel-spammed at IHOP

Sitting in an IHOP in Glendale, CA yesterday morning, my Nokia 8290 buzzed to alert me that I had a message. It was a text message from info0011@computeruser.com that contained the URL “http://www.vrzn-nxtl.com”. (I’m a T-Mobile customer, and was picking up Cingular service in SoCal.) Before checking out the site today, I dutifully turned off Cookies, JavaScript, and Java in Safari, and loaded the page. Good thing, since the page is titled “FREE QUOTE” and the HTML contains lots of code that doesn’t look entirely friendly.

Hurumph. Has the day come when spam starts showing up on our phones? Looks like it. Damn.

Anyone else getting cel-spammed?

Update (2/11): I just got another one, a different email address with a phone number. Called T-Mobile, but they were no help; suggested I go to the spam Web site and see if I could figure out how I gave them my number. Pfft.

  1. You were in Glendale and you didn’t stop by? Boo hoo! 🙂

  2. See, now you’ve gone and let us know that you can receive SMS messages.
    And dude! Next time you’re in SoCal, you’d better call!

  3. Steve and Andrew, sorry we didn’t say hi! It was an in-and-out trip… we had to be at the airport on Sunday at noon. 😦
    We suck.

  4. I ran across your page while trying to figure out a text message I received from vrzn-nxtl. Mine came in on Feb. 10th at 11:10 a.m., so they must have sent them out in bulk that day. Surprised me to get the message, since I don’t even subscribe to text messaging service. It’ll be interesting to see if the next Cingular bill has any record of the message, or charge for receiving the spam.

  5. I went online to check my T-Mobile bill and didn’t see anything. I’ll check again when the paper version comes.

  6. Hey! I just reached my text message quota for saved messages and was forced to go through and delete something. So, I came across a message dated 02/09/03, “info0007@isp-faq.com” with the vrzn-nxtl website listed below. Somehow, someone got T-mobile’s secret list, eh? It’s pretty absurd. At least that’s as far as it went…. (:

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