How the Reign Falls

coverI invited a few of the boys from the office over to watch Reign of Fire on DVD, a movie set in the near future after dragons have emerged from deep in the Earth and pretty much scorched everything. Although I can’t say it had good dialog, or even much of a plot, it was exactly what I expected it to be: lots of action and great visual effects.

  1. What? No romance? No leather-clad women to save from the big-bad dragons? That’s what I can’t figure out…

  2. Well, there’s one very attractive helicopter pilot, but she’s just eye candy. She gets to be dragon bait at the end, and there’s a smidgen of romance, but c’mon… the point is to see Matthew McConoughy all pumped up and freaky-insane (which he does quite well here)! 🙂

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