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Rainy Seattle Holiday

Holiday lights in downtown Seattle reflected in the rain. If you like the work I do, please consider signing up for my low-volume newsletter that I use to announce new projects, items, and giveaways that I think my readers would be interested in.



Realizing that we haven’t explored enough of our city, my family and I decided to spend our Saturday afternoon in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. It’s an older section of the city, with mixed industrial and residential areas, and lots of architectural character. One stretch features a renaissance of restaurants and shops, including a parking ...


Lush, Newhalem Creek

A short hike from Newhalem Campground in the North Cascades mountains, Newhalem Creek has been a frequent photo stop for me over the years. The creek originates just around the bend here, but this year the water was so high that I couldn’t explore as far up as I usually do. The water volume, plus ...