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The Peak Design Travel Tripod

When I traveled to Kauai in December, I needed a compact tripod I could carry and use easily. I’ve been lugging a giant Manfrotto beast for years—still do—but hiking in the jungle just requires something smaller and lighter. I ended up buying a Three-Legged Thing Punks Corey tripod, and it was exactly what I needed. ...


Kickstarting the Veronica Mars Movie

Thanks to 39,000 (and counting) people today, there’s going to be a Veronica Mars movie in spring of 2014. The project, by show creator Rob Thomas, was set to fund if the Kickstarter campaign raised $2 million within 30 days. It actually took only ten hours to reach the goal. As I write this, late ...


Tobias Buckell, “How I used Kickstarter to reboot a book series, and my career (and maybe my life?)”

But rejection and failure are just business. It means you tried. And you’ll never get a win if you don’t at least swing for one.