Shuttle Disaster

I’m sick about the destruction of the space shuttle Columbia. I caught the news late: Kim and I were enjoying a nice news- and Internet-free morning before running off to get some errands done, and then I checked CNN.com quickly. I feel like I’ve been numb all day. (The Challenger explosion in 1986 is still ...


Hollywood and Coffee

I knew my interest in Hollywood and love of coffee would converge someday: I just got a free latte for identifying the source of this quote! I never said all actors are cattle; what I said was all actors should be treated like cattle.



As I listened to the President’s State of the Union speech in the car last night, I found myself getting repeatedly stuck on words and phrases, followed closely by, “Did he really just say that?” My favorite example: “Hitlerism” (emphasis mine). “Throughout the 20th century, small groups of men seized control of great nations, built ...


Worm Hits Microsoft

Oh, I just can’t help it. The worm that’s been disrupting computer systems worldwide for the past few days by taking advantage of security holes in Microsoft’s SQL Server has hit Microsoft as well (NYTimes, free subscription required). The paradox was not lost on computer security experts. “Microsoft has been blaming the users, saying they ...


Crap, Scratch That

Just got a call from our real estate agent: the woman buying our Renton house has backed out. Apparently her father went to see it and thought it was too much house for her, and invoked the three-day Neighborhood Review clause that lets buyers nix the deal without penalty (normally, if there wasn’t good cause ...


Le Maison de Renton

If you’ve ever enjoyed the pleasure of making double mortgage payments, please give a whoop: Kim and I accepted an offer today on our old house! We’ve lived in a new home since the beginning of October (02), but our old house in Renton has been slow to sell (despite great interest rates right now, ...


Design Feedback

I’m curious to know what you think about how this page is designed: Is it readable? Is the type too big? Click the comment link below if you have an opinion. Thanks!



The UPS guy just delivered an iCurve, an aqueous-looking laptop stand. I used to connect my PowerBook to a 17-inch Apple Studio Display (the old blue CRT, not the gorgeous newer LCD), but after the monitor died and I bought a PowerBook G4 Titanium (with its 15-inch widescreen), I figured I didn’t need an external ...


Why I Love TiVo #1

Expect to read a lot of praise for TiVo in this blog. For the record, I have a DirecTiVo unit that ties into DirecTV, recently upgraded with a 120 GB hard drive kit from weaknees.com. Why praise TiVo this week? My wife and I have been fans of the show 24 since the first episode, ...


Blogging with Intent

A few people have asked me, “What’s your blog about?” Although there are topic-specific blogs out there (like Glenn’s WiFi Blog), this one is just a place to express my own thoughts and interests. Hey, wait! Come back! I hope to be endlessly interesting; comments or questions gladly accepted. 🙂

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