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Import Flip Video into iMovie for iOS

When I was reviewing iMovie 1.2 for iOS, I was surprised to discover that I could import video directly from my Flip MinoHD camcorder. During the tech edit, Macworld editor James Galbraith had a few questions (for him, he needed to plug his Flip into a powered hub for it to be recognized by the ...


iMovie ’11 Supported Cameras

Apple has updated its list of cameras that work with iMovie ’11, now with a pull-down menu interface that lets you locate your camera model (versus scanning a long list):


Chris Breen on iMovie for iPhone

I'm looking forward to seeing what iMovie for iPhone is like. In the meantime, Chris Breen at Macworld shares his impressions: The merits of iPhone moviemaking.


iMovie ’09 8.0.5 Released, Supports New iFrame Format

Apple today released iMovie ’09 8.0.5. In addition to improving support for importing video captured using the latest iPod nano, this version introduces support for iFrame, a video format employing H.264 video and AAC audio compression. According to Jim Dalrymple at CNET and Peter Cohen at The Loop, iFrame is a format developed by Apple. ...


HD Camcorders Buyer’s Guide at Macworld

Chris Breen has published a thorough guide to what to look for when buying an HD camcorder: HD camcorders: Buyer’s guide.


Final Cut Express 4 Adds AVCHD, iMovie ’08 Interoperability

Apple today released Final Cut Express 4, the latest version of its intermediate video editing software. Taking its cues (and code) from Final Cut Pro 6, the new Final Cut Express features an open format Timeline that lets you mix DV and HD formats in the same project and adds the capability to import AVCHD ...


Importing AVCHD from DVD Requires Leopard

iMovie ’08 finally brought support for tapeless camcorders that record to memory cards, mini-DVDs, and hard disks. (For a great discussion of getting that footage into iMovie HD, see the comments in the post “Sony DCR-SR100 Hard Drive Camcorder“.) Specifically, it supports video saved in the AVCHD high-definition format. Up until recently, iMovie couldn’t import ...


Pogue on Tapeless Camcorders

Sure, not five minutes after I write the previous post, I see that David Pogue’s column for the New York Times talks about the problems of tapeless camcorders: Beware the Tapeless Camcorder. He brings up several good points, including the dreaded storage issue: Suppose, for example, that you buy a hard-drive or memory-card camcorder. And ...


I think I just became a fan of tapeless camcorders

I’ve always been on the side of the fence that says, “Stick with MiniDV because you get the highest quality video.” But I’ve been playing with a Panasonic HDC-SC1 camcorder, which records in HD and saves it as AVCHD, and I’m pretty impressed. I haven’t really put it through its paces — I haven’t really ...


Importing from a Hard Disk Camcorder in iMovie ’08

I went to a Sony Style store yesterday to see how iMovie ’08 actually performs with hard-drive based camcorders (I don’t currently have one of these to test with). After convincing the staff there that I was legitimate, and agreeing that I would delete any footage of the store that I shot with their camera ...